Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Helping Friends in Need....

Hi all,

A dear friend of ours Jodi from Tickle and Hide has had a couple of her close friends lose everything in a fire overnight.  She has had the amazing idea of creating a quilt for them, something unique, with a story, something that she can give them to snuggle under and feel safe when it all gets too much.

Can you help?

Details can be found here.  She is after donated fabric squares, her address can be found in her blog post.

If you can share this with all of your crafty friends, that would be amazing :)

Let's all band together and give these people something that they will cherish forever.  Isn't Jodi just amazing??!!

Cath and Helen

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little Something


It has been such a long, long, long time since I completed the quilt top at a Chris Timmins workshop.  It's a quick log cabin quilt, and it really was quick to make.

It then took ages to pluck up the courage to quilt it.  I have another 3 to quilt, plus one I haven't yet started for a friends little girl, all of which are single bed or larger size.

I decided that if I was ever to finish any of my quilts, I should start on a small one and get comfortable with that.  So I took the plunge and started on this 150cm x 150cm quilt.

It takes SO long to pin, especially when you have little {helpers}...  Such fun :)  At least I was given coffee!!!

Anyway, after consultation with Helen (the other half of Corduroy Corner), I began quilting the smallish squares in the pattern, which ended up giving the quilt a little bit of a 'randomness' about it, which I was pretty keen on.

Helen then put me on to  a great binding tutorial by Heather Bailey which was fantastic when looking to do the mitred corners.

I was pretty happy with the result, and it's given me the confidence to begin on the other quilts that have been waiting, waiting, waiting to be completed.

Give me a few months, and my 3 kids will have completed quilts, my friend will have her quilt for her gorgeous daughter Lily, Helen will have a little baby quilt, and my little bubba will {maybe} have a quilt for herself!!!  Maybe give me til the end of the year :)


Annika is pretty happy with the completed quilt, and how gorgeous is the little top that Helen made for her??!