Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Little Something


It has been such a long, long, long time since I completed the quilt top at a Chris Timmins workshop.  It's a quick log cabin quilt, and it really was quick to make.

It then took ages to pluck up the courage to quilt it.  I have another 3 to quilt, plus one I haven't yet started for a friends little girl, all of which are single bed or larger size.

I decided that if I was ever to finish any of my quilts, I should start on a small one and get comfortable with that.  So I took the plunge and started on this 150cm x 150cm quilt.

It takes SO long to pin, especially when you have little {helpers}...  Such fun :)  At least I was given coffee!!!

Anyway, after consultation with Helen (the other half of Corduroy Corner), I began quilting the smallish squares in the pattern, which ended up giving the quilt a little bit of a 'randomness' about it, which I was pretty keen on.

Helen then put me on to  a great binding tutorial by Heather Bailey which was fantastic when looking to do the mitred corners.

I was pretty happy with the result, and it's given me the confidence to begin on the other quilts that have been waiting, waiting, waiting to be completed.

Give me a few months, and my 3 kids will have completed quilts, my friend will have her quilt for her gorgeous daughter Lily, Helen will have a little baby quilt, and my little bubba will {maybe} have a quilt for herself!!!  Maybe give me til the end of the year :)


Annika is pretty happy with the completed quilt, and how gorgeous is the little top that Helen made for her??!

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  1. Oh congratulations! There will be no stopping you now ; )