Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just like the white rabbit!

You know the white rabbit I mean don't you? The one in Alice in Wonderland who rushes around with his stop watch and says he has too much to do! Well, that's me at the moment although I can't say it's not my fault and a lot of it is lovely things I need to find the time for but, well, I just feel a little bouncy--maybe that was why Carroll made it a rabbit in the book!

So this week I joined a Fat Quarter Swap Group--an Aussie one, yes, imagine that!! See my new shiny button on the blog--it sounds like a lovely group of souls who swap and talk fabric and just enjoy their obsession with this wonderful world of quilting!

AND I joined a bee! Yes, I truly did. Very exciting and loving the fact that the gals all seem so diverse yet several of us have only been quilting a short time--some very clever people out there let me tell you! See my other new shiny button *beam* for the bee--it is a scrappy bee--lovely!

AND I am organising a sewing retreat weekend for me and about 20 others at a monastery not far from where we live--that is happening in about 4 weeks time and we just found out we could move forward to that date so very excited! My sister-in-law is actually doing lots of the organising too and my mother-in-law is coming so it will be lots of fun!

AND did you all know that Corduroy Corner have a market coming up?! Yes in just over a weeks time Hopscotch Sundays Market is happening again here in Newcastle and we have lots to do to get ready, many little shorts and jackets and pants still part way done! Right. After This. I promise!

AND well, I am still a wife and a mum and have things like this to do...

Ahh, and it's nearly 3 pm so that means school pick up for my eldest!

Hurried blessings to all


  1. Sometimes I feel like that rabbit too, but you know what? It's just all that creativity that wants out ;-)

  2. Our bee will be so much fun! Love those pink shoes!

  3. This bee is going to be so fun. Enjoy your day

  4. I think we have a good mix of people in our bee, both in experiences from quilting world, we we live and age. Have a nice day.

  5. OMG - how do you manage everything??? If you ask me just being a mother with three small kids is a 24/7 perpetuum mobile. I don't dare to think about everything else you're doing, and doing so well!
    Hugs, May

  6. I totally know what you mean!! So much excited stuff going on for you and I'm so thrilled to be in the bee with you :)