Saturday, May 19, 2012

A not so Lazy Sunday...

So it's Sunday.  I thought what better way to add to the 'to do list' than to start writing this blog!  

So I’m the other half of Corduroy Corner, Cath.  I’m the one who is lagging behind in the post stakes!  Let’s do an introduction shall we, since it’s not as daunting as thinking of something witty and exciting to write.  I’m mum of three and a bit: Tim - 8, Matilda - 3 and Annika - 18months, and baby to be, due in November (although by the looks of my belly I’d be due any day now!!)
My love of all things fabric began about 5 years ago when my sister’s wedding was looming, and I had to find a suit for my then 3 year old son.  I was quoted $180 for suit hire, and I figured I could make a suit instead!  So therein began my sewing ‘career’… 

First sewing project - finished jacket!!

I had a break for quite a while until I had a little daughter 2 years later, because let’s face it, it’s always much more exciting to sew things for little girls than for boys…  My fabric hoarding and sewing hasn’t really stopped since then.  I must admit that my husband thought it would be a short lived phase, much like the purchase of my treadmill that I was going to use every day and have probably used 10 times in 3 years!!!  There’s no sign of the sewing slowing down, and with Corduroy Corner up and running, it will get busier and busier, at least that’s what we’re hoping!  I’ve upgraded my sewing machine, which is VERY exciting - I now have a Bernina 550 - woohoo, and we’re looking for a new house with a sewing room as top priority (at least it’s my top priority, and I’m not sure that my husband would endorse it!!)

Today, I’m supposed to be focussing on sewing for our third appearance at Hopscotch Sundays Market in Newcastle, NSW, which is on next weekend.  I was doing so well, until I remembered that I’d make my son a ‘winter wonderland’ cake from the Woman’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book – aargh!!!  It’s for school tomorrow, and I have only just started making the cake.  They take SO long to do, and it’s not even for his birthday…  It’s for news – share your favourite recipe, and he told all his class he was going to bring in the cake…  I need to learn to say no straight away.  

So let’s add to the stress and the tiredness and the feeling of ‘Oh my goodness I have so much to do and so little time to do it’, and have a happy, busy Sunday!!!

Until next time, take care :)


  1. I can relate to your story; my daughters "volunteered" me generously - the worst thing was the skating class I had to run :-)

  2. This is amazing!! well done.
    I have awarded you. Pop over to my blog and check it out!