Friday, June 1, 2012

New Item for Corduroy Corner???

Helen and I have been thinking of new items to add to our Corduroy Corner stock selection, what to retire and what to renew!

I came across this gorgeous pattern for what I'm calling 'Puff Pocket Girls Shorts' - I'm sure a better name exists out there, so if you can think of one, feel free to let me know!!!

Amazingly Gorgeous Shorts with puff pocket
I'm going to do a trial run in some funky Saffron Craig fabrics for my 3 year old daughter Matilda!  I bought 1/2m of these fabrics about a year ago, thinking I'd make something straight away, but nothing ever jumped out at me...  Until now.  I figured I should make something with them before my kids grew too big to wear anything made from 1/2m of fabric!!

I'm thinking the small flowers will be the main shorts and the large purple dot fabric will form a great contrast puff pocket!!!  It will give a very different look to the understated elegance of the shorts as they are in the book I think.

Funky Saffron Craig Fabric

So, I got motivated, left the housework til later (actually it's still waiting for me to attend to), and got cutting and sewing, and voila - before I knew it, the vision was a reality!!!  Here's Matilda modelling the shorts, complete with stained leggings (it's getting cold here, and the first day of winter has arrived bring with it rain and general coldness...) and classic model look :)

The orange ribbons wereMatilda's addition - there are yellow dots on the fabric, so it's not tooooo bad!

I'm lucky I got some photos with the pockets gathered - she normally undoes the ribbon straight away and lets the pockets fly out to a ridiculous size - I'm thinking I might stitch them in place to stop it, although it does give me some laughs to see how big they are..

So let us know what you think of the pattern.  I'm liking the contrasting fabrics, and am looking forward to making more of these (interspersed with the boys clothes we are mainly be planning on doing).

Would your little girl wear these shorts?

I'm in love with this pattern and with Saffron Craig's fabric also - a local Australian designer - woohoo!  If you haven't seen her stuff before, head on over and check out her page.

So all in all, I'm pretty happy with the way the shorts have turned out.  I guess that means I should get off the computer and start cleaning the chaos :)  Or maybe I'll start thinking of my next project...  Maternity clothes for me, quilt backing, boy's shorts, hats, bags.....  The list goes on.  I must stop and do something productive :)

Til next time, farewell and take care



  1. Oh, my little girl would wear them! LOVE! :)

  2. They are just too cute - I LOVE too. Great option for going out for lunch at the park etc when you want them dressed pretty but want them to be able to run and climb so shorts are kind of a must instead of dresses. Maybe you could do some with Linen and a contrast pocket (see the Linen the other Jodi has been using over at Tickle & Hide for inspiration).

  3. These are very cute shorts and your model is sweet too. I like the way she customises her clothes!

  4. Hahaha the poor house work neglected!
    Great looking shorts, the fabric works well together. I have no little girl so couldn't answer that question. =D